Whether you need help building your brand's visual identity, creating engaging content for social media, or crafting your next commercial and advertising campaign, Locky V has the experience and skills to help bring your ideas to life.
Locky V is an award-winning Brisbane-based photographer who has been helping companies of all sizes solidify and support their visual identities since 2013. His diverse skill-sets in 3D animation, photography and videography, as well as deep understanding of marketing, make him one of the most versatile and unique photographers in the country. 
In 2018, Locky received the Canon Light Award for Best Creative Composite, as well as having several of his images featured by international photography brand FStoppers. 
With a unique compositional sensibility, a tack-sharp eye for detail, and a wealth of knowledge from his years in the field of graphic design, Locky can help you shape and create engaging content to the highest standards possible, from concept to delivery. Talk to him today about bringing your next project or big idea to life!

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