I'm a spicy-brained divergent thinker who has spent the last decade making unique content created with maximum impact, and putting the audience first.
You probably want to know how many awards I've won or what big-named clients I've created videos for, but I'm gonna level with you...

The landscape has shifted over the past decade. First we had Instagram, which changed how we consumed content towards the aesthetic, and now we have TikTok, which speaks to an audience who's content diet has always been 'Short, fast, and rewarding'. It's a lesson in selflessness we have to
re-learn over and over as new and evolving formats, platforms, and expectations arise. But it seems that lesson is hard fought one. 
The audience always wins. 
The takeaway here is that if you aren't speaking to your audience (and not at them) then the journey to create content will be fruitless and full of frustration. If your content seeks to reward the audience for their time and participation first, then that journey will be just as fruitful as you'd hoped.​​​​​​​
With that said...
I'm here to help you make impactful content that rewards everyone involved. Because that's the only way to ride the never ending wave of the 'new'.
Reach out today and we can get the ball rolling. 
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